Wand of Death

These environments require mastering the usage of the wand of death (WoD). Zapping a WoD it in any direction fires a death ray which instantly kills almost any monster it hits.

In MiniHack-WoD-Easy-v0 environment, the agent starts with a WoD in its inventory and needs to zap it towards a sleeping monster. MiniHack-WoD-Medium-v0 requires the agent pick it up, approach the sleeping monster, kill it, and go to the staircase. In MiniHack-WoD-Hard-v0 the WoD needs to be found first, only then the agent should enter the corridor with a monster (who is awake and hostile this time), kill it, and go to the staircase. In the most difficult task of the sequence, the MiniHack-WoD-Pro-v0, the agent starts inside a big labyrinth. It needs to find the WoD inside the maze and reach its centre, which is guarded by a deadly Minotaur.

An example of the MiniHack-WoD-Hard-v0 task:


The agent receives a reward of +1 for killing the minotaur MiniHack-WoD-Easy-v0. For the other versions, a reward of +1 is received upon reaching the goal.



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