Submitting New Environments

For submitting a new environment to MiniHack Environment Zoo, open a Pull Request on GitHub that includes the following:

  • The .py file implementing the environment should be put into minihack/envs directory (with appropriate registration).

  • If the environment includes a .des file, please put it into the minihack/dat directory.

  • The description of the environment should reside in the docs/envs directory

    • Create a separate markdown file in the corresponding directory (navigation, skills or ported) describing the environment (and its possible variations), its objective, capabilities it assesses, reward, action space used, as well as the link to the source code.

    • Include a screenshot of the environment in docs/envs/imgs directory.

    • Update the tables (both Markdown table and {toctree} block) in docs/envs/ to reference your new environment (or family of environments).

We look forward to accepting diverse environment contributions from the community.