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# Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.

import json
import os
import re
from collections import defaultdict
from functools import lru_cache
from typing import List
from urllib.parse import unquote

import pkg_resources

    import inflect
    import stanza

    import_error = None
except ImportError as error:  # noqa
    import_error = error

DATA_DIR_PATH = pkg_resources.resource_filename("nle", "minihack/dat")

    "floor of a room",
    "staircase up",

[docs]class TextProcessor: """Base class for modeling relations between an object and subject."""
[docs] def __init__(self): # Will only do it the first time"en") self.nlp = stanza.Pipeline(lang="en", processors="tokenize,mwt,pos") self.inflect = inflect.engine()
[docs] @lru_cache(maxsize=None) def preprocess(self, input_str: str) -> str: # Removes the brackets and non-letter charachters text = re.sub(r"\([^)]*\)", "", input_str) pattern = re.compile(r"[^a-zA-Z]+") text = pattern.sub(" ", text) # Remove trailing whitespaces text = re.sub(r"\w[ ]{2,}\w", " ", text) return text.strip()
[docs] @lru_cache(maxsize=None) def process(self, input_str: str) -> str: input_str = self.preprocess(input_str) # First find nouns in phrase result = self.nlp(input_str) nouns = [ word.text for sent in result.sentences for word in sent.words if word.upos in {"NOUN", "PROPN"} ] if not nouns: return input_str # Pick last noun in input noun = nouns[-1] # Singularise the noun - returns False if the word is alread singular singular = self.inflect.singular_noun(noun.lower()) if not singular: return nouns[-1].lower() else: return singular
[docs]class NetHackWiki: """A class representing Nethack Wiki Data - pages and links between them. Args: raw_wiki_file_name (str): The path to the raw file of NetHack wiki. The raw file can be downloaded using the `` script located in `minihack/scripts`. processed_wiki_file_name (str): The path to the processed file of NetHack wiki. The processing is performed in the `__init__` function of this classed. save_processed_json (bool): Whether to save the processed json file of the wiki. Only considered when a raw wiki file is passed. Defaults to True. ignore_inpage_anchors (bool): Whether to ingnore in-page anchors. Defaults to True. preprocess_input (bool): Whether to perform a preprocessing on wiki data. Defaults to True. exceptions (Tuple[str] or None): Name of entities in screen descriptions that are ingored. If None, there are no exceptions. Defaults to None. """
[docs] def __init__( self, raw_wiki_file_name: str, processed_wiki_file_name: str, save_processed_json: bool = True, ignore_inpage_anchors: bool = True, preprocess_input: bool = True, exceptions: tuple = None, ) -> None: if os.path.isfile(processed_wiki_file_name): with open(processed_wiki_file_name, "r") as json_file: = json.load(json_file) elif os.path.isfile(raw_wiki_file_name): raw_json = load_json(raw_wiki_file_name) = process_json( raw_json, ignore_inpage_anchors=ignore_inpage_anchors ) if save_processed_json: with open(processed_wiki_file_name, "w+") as json_file: json.dump(, json_file) else: raise ValueError( """One of `raw_wiki_file_name` or `processed_wiki_file_name` must be supplied as argument and be a file. Try using `nle/minihack/scripts/` to download the data.""" ) self.exceptions = exceptions if exceptions is not None else EXCEPTIONS self.preprocess_input = preprocess_input if preprocess_input: if PREPROCESSING_ALLOWED: self.text_processor = TextProcessor() else: print( "To perform text preprocessing, `inflect` and `stanza`" f"must be installed. See {import_error} for more information" ) self.preprocess_input = False
[docs] def get_page_text(self, page: str) -> str: """Get the text of a page. Args: page (str): The page name. Returns: str: The text of the page. """ if page in self.exceptions: return "" if self.preprocess_input: page = self.text_processor.process(page) return, {}).get("text", "")
[docs] def get_page_data(self, page: str) -> dict: """Get the data of a page. Args: page (str): The page name. Returns: dict: The page data as a dict. """ if page in self.exceptions: return {} if self.preprocess_input: page = self.text_processor.process(input) return, {})
[docs]def load_json(file_name: str) -> list: """Load a file containing a json object per line into a list of dicts.""" with open(file_name, "r") as json_file: input_json = [] for line in json_file: input_json.append(json.loads(line)) return input_json
[docs]def process_json(wiki_json: List[dict], ignore_inpage_anchors) -> dict: """Process a list of json pages of the wiki into one dict of all pages.""" result: dict = {} redirects = {} result["_global_counts"] = defaultdict(int) def href_normalise(x: str): result = unquote(x.lower()) if ignore_inpage_anchors: result = result.split("#")[0] return result.replace("_", " ") for page in wiki_json: relevant_page_info = dict( title=page["wikipedia_title"].lower(), length=len("".join(page["text"])), categories=page["categories"].split(","), raw_text="".join(page["text"]), text=clean_page_text(page["page_data"]), ) # noqa: E731 relevant_page_info["anchors"] = [ dict( text=anchor["text"].lower(), page=href_normalise(anchor.get("title", anchor.get("href"))), start=anchor["start"], ) for anchor in page["anchors"] ] redirect_anchors = [ anchor for anchor in page["anchors"] if anchor.get("title") and href_normalise(anchor["href"]) != href_normalise(anchor["title"]) ] redirects.update( { href_normalise(anchor["href"]): href_normalise(anchor["title"]) for anchor in redirect_anchors } ) unique_anchors: dict = defaultdict(int) for anchor in relevant_page_info["anchors"]: unique_anchors[anchor["page"]] += 1 result["_global_counts"][anchor["page"]] += 1 relevant_page_info["unique_anchors"] = dict(unique_anchors) result[relevant_page_info["title"]] = relevant_page_info for alias, page in redirects.items(): result[alias] = result[page] return result
[docs]def clean_page_text(text: List[str]) -> str: """Clean Markdown text to make it more passable into an NLP model. This is currently very basic, and more advanced parsing could be employed if necessary.""" return re.sub(r"[^a-zA-Z0-9_\s\.]", "", ",".join(text))