MiniHack is available on pypi and can be installed as follows:

pip install minihack

We advise using a conda environment for this:

conda create -n minihack python=3.8
conda activate minihack
pip install minihack

Note: Please refer to NLE installation instructions when having NLE-related dependency issues on MacOS and Ubuntu 18.04. NLE requires cmake>=3.15 to be installed when building the package.

Note: Windows users should use Docker.

Note: Baseline agents have separate installation instructions. See here for more details.

Extending MiniHack

If you wish to extend MiniHack, please install the package as follows:

git clone
cd minihack
pip install -e ".[dev]"
pre-commit install


We have provided several Dockerfiles for building images with pre-installed MiniHack. Please follow the instructions described here.