MiniHack Environment Zoo

This page describes all open-source MiniHack environments developed by its authors as well as members of the community. For adding your own MiniHack environment, please follow the instructions here.

Skill Acquisition Tasks

MiniHack’s skill acquisition tasks enable utilising the rich diversity of NetHack objects, monsters and dungeon features, and the interactions between them. The skill acquisition tasks feature a large action space (75 actions), where the actions are instantiated differently depending on which object they are acting on. Note that certain actions in skill acquisition tasks are factorised autoregresively, i.e., require performing a sequence of follow-up actions for the initial action to have an effect. For example, to put on a ring, the agent needs to select the PUTON action, choose the ring from the inventory and select which hand to put it on.

Environment Family


Simple Skills

Lava Crossing

Wand Of Death


Ported tasks

These tasks are ported to MiniHack from other existing benchmarks. Note that there might be substantial differences in MiniHack versions of these tasks. Despite these, the core capabilities of the tasks should be the same. Furthermore, some of the tasks have been extended to become more challenging using the entities and environment dynamics of MiniHack.

Environment Family




NetHack Sokoban