Source code for minihack.navigation

# Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.

from minihack import MiniHack
from minihack.envs import register
from nle import nethack

MOVE_ACTIONS = tuple(nethack.CompassDirection)

[docs]class MiniHackNavigation(MiniHack): """The base class for MiniHack Navigation tasks. Navigation tasks have the following characteristics: - Restricted action space: By default, the agent can only move towards eight compass directions. - Yes/No questions, as well as menu-selection actions are disabled by default. - The character is set to chaotic human male rogue. - Auto-pick is enabled by default. - Maximum episode limit defaults to 100 (can be overriden via the `max_episode_steps` argument) - The default goal is to reach the stair down. This can be changed using a reward manager. """
[docs] def __init__(self, *args, des_file: str = None, **kwargs): # Actions space - move only by default kwargs["actions"] = kwargs.pop("actions", MOVE_ACTIONS) # Disallowing one-letter menu questions kwargs["allow_all_yn_questions"] = kwargs.pop( "allow_all_yn_questions", False ) # Perform known steps kwargs["allow_all_modes"] = kwargs.pop("allow_all_modes", False) # Play with Rogue character by default kwargs["character"] = kwargs.pop("character", "rog-hum-cha-mal") # Default episode limit kwargs["max_episode_steps"] = kwargs.pop("max_episode_steps", 100) super().__init__(*args, des_file=des_file, **kwargs)
register( id="MiniHack-Navigation-Custom-v0", entry_point="minihack.navigation:MiniHackNavigation", )